As it’s drug awareness week, we’re posting some interesting articles about drug addiction.

Abuse of drug usage can not only cause health issues to drug users, but it can also be harmful at the workplace leading to a loss in productivity, quality and most importantly the safety and wellbeing of fellow workers. Which is the reason why it is highly suggested to schedule regular drug tests in workplace to make sure everyone adheres to the company’s policies with reference to alcohol and use of drugs. It is also debatable as to which test is more efficient and effective hair follicle test or urinalysis test. Urinalysis test is more commonly used in which a urine sample is used for examining the presence of drugs however, studies show that it is not that accurate in fact 85% of drug users can go undetected.

In Hair follicle test, a 1.5-inch-long sample of hair taken from scalp or area closest to scalp in case of baldness is used for the examination to find drugs in the system by measuring the drug molecules and specific metabolites made after the drug is processed in the body. Its accuracy rate is much higher than Urinalysis test and is often used for pre-employment tests, random police enforcement, post accident scenes, and cause and suspicion incidents.

Hair follicle test is also superior to Urinalysis in terms of coverage period since it covers a whooping ninety days whereas urinalysis only has 3 days coverage. What it means is that a person who didn’t took drugs just for three days will not get caught in Urinalysis but will show up as a drug user in hair follicle test. This test can detect all the major drugs including cocaine, marijuana, opiates, methenamine, and Phencyclidine. Companies may start to make use of these tests as part of mandatory drug testing in order to see who might need to go and seek help from a facility such as drug rehab.

Since Hair follicle test uses a small part of your DNA therefore it is very hard to cheat or beat as compared to urinalysis test in which you can simply buy a drug free urine sample and call it your own whereas you can’t use DNA of another person and call it yours. Collection and handling of Hair follicle test samples is a lot easier then Urinalysis as well.

One of the biggest advantages of this test over urinalysis is that it is much more accurate in detecting and catching long term drug users due to its long coverage period and the samples can also be reused for retesting which is something that can’t be done with urinalysis samples. It is the reason why most companies are now moving towards hair follicle tests to find and most importantly treat any long-term drug users. If you or someone you love is struggling from drug related issues, it is recommended you seek drug treatment.