About Scanwel

Scanwel are specialist scientific machinery fitting manufacturers and surface science researchers based in Bala, North Wales.

Established in 1974, Scanwel is the leading manufacturer and distributor of components and systems to end users. The company are additionally Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in academia, government laboratories and industry. These Products find application and developments of advanced materials and processes in a number of high technology fields, including nanotechnology microelectronics, storage media, energy production and biomedical research of metals, oxides, polymers and coatings.

Scanwel specialise in producing custom fabrication and chambers for clean and UHV applications.

Industry Leaders

Scanwel manufacture over 5000 products. carrying an extensive stock (probably the widest range in all of the UK) of their own manufactured hardware. Key products include Viewports, Foreline Traps, Cold Traps, Standard Vacuum components, heating tapes, jackets and tents. Chambers, Fabrication and Base-plates, Flanges, Valves and Optical Feedthroughs.

Custom Parts and Replacements

Scanwel’s custom systems are created to your exacting specifications and with your collaboration, in order to get the ideal result. They utilise their vast experience and the latest technology to create outstanding results down to the finest detail.

Fabrication of such specific parts is one of their most loved services, the sheer number of projects that have been made possible and saved as a result of their work is countless.

High Vacuum Fittings are an integral and specialist part of Ultra high Vacuum systems, and in turn of Vacuum, Surface and Nanoscience. Scanwel are therefore Scanwel are the best choice when it comes to repairs and replacement parts for installations of this kind.

Specialising in fabrications created to order from blueprints and customer drawings, this ranges from simple pumping connectors to complete analysis and deposition chambers. Scanwel excel in producing specific custom parts for machinery which would otherwise be difficult to create.

Attention to detail is present in all phases of the production process.

Progression and Interaction

Scanwel are enthusiastic to be involved with exciting and progressive scientific s

tudies. Scanwel are most recently involved in a project which could revolutionise health and bacteria defense as they are working on anti-biofilm treatment of surface area which could halt the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

As industry leaders, Scanwel are heavily involved in exhibitions, forums, workshops, discussion groups and meetings which aims to share research, knowledge and ideas in the subject areas within the scientific community.

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